Kat Blackthorne is a bestselling author of haunting romance. She writes passion, characters, and worlds that shake the chains in the attic of your mind. Her tales embrace cozy darkness with magical and spooky twists. Catnip for Kat is banter, begging, challenging norms, and men who worship their women.

Kat believes in celebrating the beauty inside the darkness of occult and dark themes. Demons, hell, the underworld, and everything spooky calls to her and brings her comfort. Polyamorous and queer romance are her favorite to write, and she’s passionate about showcasing characters the mortal world too often overlooks. All sizes, abilities, and adult ages.

In 2022 Kat founded her LLC, Dark Hearts Press for publishing everything her spooky heart desires.

In her free time, she’s disassociating with some other art form and enabling her Starbucks addiction.