From international bestselling author Kat Blackthorne comes the highly anticipated and epic conclusion to the worldwide sensation The Halloween Boys. Book four, Devil, is an occult reimagining of Hades and Persephone with all the Halloween charm and heart readers have come to expect from this hit series.

What happened on Halloween night so very long ago?

A town left cursed, a brotherhood of villains formed, and a devil’s watchful gaze upon their every move. Now that The Halloween Boys have found their mate, forces beyond their control threaten to tear apart what they’ve each worked so hard to build. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, a devil in disguise. But as the air turns crisp, ushering in a fall breeze, one thing is clear:

Halloween has come to Ash Grove again at last.

Blythe is thrust into hell and confronted head on with the mysteries of who she is and what she wants. The guys must battle the underworld of lore and the hell of their own making in their quest to retrieve her.

All the while the one who you forgot, the one who slips your mind, the one who has never stopped watching and waiting so patiently… The Devil himself has come to collect and make good on every bargain and riddle he’s woven through books and years. And he’s not changing his mind. There are debts to be paid and mysteries ready to be solved.

Yes, my friends, Halloween has come to Ash Grove again, the pumpkins are lit, and Hallows Fest begins anew.

Hell is ready to celebrate with fire and ash.

The Halloween Boys Complete Series should be read in order:

Book One: GHOST

Book Two: DRAGON

Book Three: WOLF

Book Four: DEVIL

Trick or Treat! Devil is book four in The Halloween Boys series and is intended for audiences 18+. This book contains mature themes and situations some readers may find disturbing. Please read the full content list on the author’s site before proceeding.


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death, slow death, bedridden state, non-con themes, non-con, dubcon, CNC, drug-like state during sex, suicidal ideations, graphic violence and sex, group sex, blood play, size difference, biting, knotting, breath play, captive trope, dark demon gore and occult horror elements, bones, graphic depictions of demons and shadow entities, bible references, religious references, religious institutions and themes used for dark purposes some may find disturbing, monsters, water/deep water, drowning, meat carcusses, cold/freezing situations, fire, monsters chasing, skeletons, graphic depictions of hell, psychological torture, mention of rapists and pedophiles, religious elements and themes, some bullying moments, hate-to-love-you themes