6 weeks pregnant

Baby is the size of my confidence in being a mom

My open marriage was only meant to satiate my desires while my husband worked through his issues. And it did, sort of.

Until him. He ruined me, set me free, and left me with a brand-new life I never could have imagined. Now my belly is swelling and it’s only a matter of time before yet another member is added to our pod. Everyone’s thrilled, but when I hear the whooshing of the sonogram, I feel…nothing. Maybe I wasn’t meant for this life. Was I going too fast and risking ruining the family I’d fought so hard to create?

Could I go from Hotwife to Hot Life? Or is my pregnancy the wave that crashes into my house of sand?

Hot Life is book two of Hotwife. This is an MFM pregnancy romance novella with an HEA.


“I’m shocked by how emotionally invested I became over the course of this novella. I think this is the first time a novella has made me cry. This book was both cute and hot as hell, while also hitting on some really important topics.” -Goodreads Review

“As a child free on purpose adult, pregnancy love stories are not something I normally enjoy. I just don’t connect. But Kat did something special with Hot Life. It was sexy, sweet, emotional, and just perfect.” -Goodreads Review

“Some stories are the kind that will stick with you forever and this is one of them… The message of self-love and acceptance for plus size women is absolutely inspiring.” -Amazon Review

“I absolutely LOVED the representation for plus sized/fat bodies. Cedric puts a medical professional in their place for mistreating his wife because she’s plus sized, but he doesn’t just stand up for her. He stands up for all plus sized folks (as he should) and discusses how problematic BMI is. I loved that scene so much as a plus sized woman and appreciate that Kat included that. Also, the disability rep with Des was done well and I loved that it didn’t paint his disability as an issue (because it isn’t) and was a place to talk about the need for more accessibility in the world. The end was amazing and had me crying.” -Bookstagram Review


Fat phobia

Fat phobia by medical staff

Mention of weight in exact



Surgery descriptions

Surgical birth

Consensual graphic sexual scenes including 3some


Mention of death

Mention of mental health struggles

Postpartum Depression​

Prenatal Anxiety

Medical trauma

Main Male Character is an amputee and details that experience briefly (rock climbing accident)

Drinking to excess

Religion: Pastor father, old school values