My husband set rules for whom I slept with

No one we know

Use a fake name

Never sleep over

Check emotions at the door

Don’t tell him about any of it

I followed his rules religiously. Until him. Until he made me break every rule. When my husband comes face-to-face with my mystery man he’s livid.

Because they’ve already met.

Now I’m caught between the man I love and the man that sets my soul on fire. They’re both asking me to make a decision.
But how do I choose between two pieces of my heart?

HOTWIFE is a stand-alone romance with a HEA (yes, for everyone, I promise!)


“This book had me hooked from the very first chapter, and I devoured it in one sitting.” -Brittany, Goodreads

“This was one of the best mfm stories I have read in a very long time… Dolly is such a passionate and fully fledged out character. As well as the themes involving her job and interests that tie into the story and how she views things, it’s just beautiful.” – Author D.M. Winters

“I want more. The characters are just everything you dream about. Hot Doctor, Bad Boy and Smart but beautiful Women. The plot was everything.” – Mary, Goodreads

“I’m still thinking about this little spicy read. The twists and turns at the end left me a hot mess.” – Allison, Goodreads

“This book had me on the edge of my seat and swooning: the plot twists, the spice, the suspense. Kat Blackthorne now has a new loyal follower after this read. Hotwife is not just about a wife who lost touch with her husband; it’s a conflict between Dolly’s societal image, sexual needs, and her heart. Overall, Blackthorne’s writing had me in my feelings.” – Mori, Goodreads

“In the beginning, I was prepared for Dorthea to find love, but I wasn’t prepared for the love she would find at the end of the story.” – Caitlen, Goodreads


Eluding to religious abuse

Cheating-lite by FMC

Consensual graphic sexual scenes including 3some


Mention of trying for & Pregnancy

Surprise (wanted) pregnancy

Mention of death

Mention of mental health struggles

Mention of suicide ​

Suspense moment with sharks

Description of medical procedure (surgery)

Medical trauma

Main Male Character is an amputee and details that experience briefly (rock climbing accident)

Drinking to excess

Cheating by a side character

Religion: Pastor father, old school values, strict upbringing, prayers mentioned, mention of the bible and a bible story