It’s official… Book three of the Hot Queens series is coming this holiday season. Follow Ruby and her three love interests with special appearances by the pod as they navigate a very snowy winter.

Let it snow queen

Ruby is heartbroken and seeking purpose while she and the pod care for her toddler son. When she takes a job in the mountains, her love of plants helps to bring her back to life. That is until she meets the three people threatening to take it all away from her. And as fate would have it, they’re snowed in together… in a cabin… in the middle of nowhere… with one bed.

Will Ruby make it home in time to make Christmas magical for her little boy, or will she be lonely for holidays?

Find out this winter.

Official cover and blurb coming soon. This will be the start of Ruby’s reverse harem, meaning she will have multiple love interests and won’t have to choose between them.


Coming soon!


Mental health struggles, bipolar medical diagnosis, graphic sexual content, unprotected sex, mention of the foster care system, single parenthood, mention of pregnancy/pregnancy flashbacks, grief, depression, bullying, degradation, heights/danger, brief violence