From bestselling author of occult sensation The Halloween Boys, comes a sinfully fictional religious & dystopian story of naughty exorcism and sinful desires steeped in gothic mystery and lore.

Now I lay me down to sleep.


Impure thoughts sent me spiraling toward my fate. I was the holy daughter of Lady of Sorrows Church. The one meant to bring millions to faith in God.


I pray the lord my soul to keep.


But my own sins had my dad banishing me to a seaside church of terrors and the worst and most terrible horror of them all… the exorcist.


If I should die before I wake.


Father Dante Amorth was meant to exorcise me of my sins and send me back to my father pure and holy once more…


I pray the lord my soul to take.


And I’ll spoil it for you. Demons were found, even inside me, but none of it was what I expected. Thankfully… it was so much worse.

This book is dystopian horror with very dark topics and themes. Please read content information before proceeding.


Religious trauma, religious abuse, childhood neglect, purity culture, sexual assault, rape, attempted SA, physical punishments: hitting, slapping, caging, withholding food and water, withholding medical care, monitoring bathing, forced nudity, forced medical exams, forced purity exams, forced marriage, grooming. Attempted rape, rape referenced & depicted, SA. Blood, torture, gore, eye trauma and gore, violent and sexual use of religious items and artifacts including religious texts, prayer items, crucifixes, altars, houses of worship, churches, confessionals, sacrement, oils, and more. Ritual sacrifices, Demonic possession, graphic description of demons, exorcism, gore, and death. Mention of pregnancy, motherhood and babies. Graphic unprotected sex scenes. Dubious consent. School/university setting/church setting. Age gap, virginity, purity, scripture. Suicide on page, talk of suicide, assault, ocean scenes, sharks, drowning, burning. But nothing happens to the baby goat. I repeat, baby goat remains unharmed and cute.