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Ash Grove is a fine place to die.

Blythe has accepted her fate and is tired of running. Who would miss her anyway? She attends her new and eccentric town’s month-long Halloween masquerade for one last party before meeting her end. But what will she find...and what will find her?

A man in a skeleton mask is watching... and he’s not the only one.

She’s being hunted by a devil she knows and a ghost she doesn’t. But all is not what it seems in Ash Grove. Not all masks are made of paint and leather. Some are made of flesh and smiles. What’s lurking behind the ordinary facade in this space that swings between Mayberry and Gotham?

Ghost has killed before, he’ll kill again, and his sights are set on Blythe.

The grown up ghost story for anyone who loves Halloween and is ready to meet and fall in love with their new favorite monster.

Tricks and treats lurk around every jack o'lantern and gravestone in this grown up Halloween themed paranormal romance. Meet witches, vampires, wolves, and ghouls, and maybe a few odd birds and pirates too. Sink your teeth into this paranormal urban fantasy romance and get ready for all the Halloween vibes.
Come to Ash Grove with an open mind, choose your mask, sit, and stay a spell... if you dare.

Dual POV, spicy, and spooky.