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The Thorneverse (Kat Blackthorne Universe) begins in an eccentric little town that no one can find called Ash Grove. Its invisible borders have housed monsters, spirits, witches, ghouls, demons, wolves, vampires amongst sweet old civilians just living their lives and sweeping the porch. It’s an old town with lots of secrets, ghost stories, and lore.

Behind the curtain author’s insight: Ash Grove is inspired by Kat Blackthorne’s hometown. She lives deep in the mountains of Appalachia and draws on old Appalachian folklore for monster and story inspiration. 

Ames Cove, “Ghost”, is the town therapist and resident Archdemon. He’s the leader of The Halloween Boys, likes candy corn, night rides on his motorcycle, and torturing the damned in his cemetery. 

Behind the curtain author’s insight: Kat fancies herself a demonologist and drew on deep and hidden demonology lure, terms, and traits when getting to know and portraying Ghost. Ghost’s story combines old hollywood horror, appalachian monster lore, and old Sleepy Hollow vibes. 

Onyx “Dragon” Hart: Town charmer, attorney who works for free, crossword genius, with a taste for blood and sex. Part vampire, part dragon… his lineage is as complicated as he is. 

Onyx and his tale draws on vampire lure with a twist of consent. He’s also the most musical of the boys and enjoys flexing his 70s dad rock knowledge. 

Wolfgang “Wolf” Jack: Werewolf, journalist, would-be alpha. Wolf lives above Ash Grove in Fenrir, his community of tiny homes housing the Fenrir pack comprised of Lunas, Stellas, and Sols. The women run the show and that’s just the way things should be, isn’t it? 

Wolf’s story turns typical werewolf romance on its head with women being the leaders and men cooking, cleaning, watching pups, and adhering to their leadership. 

Judas “The Devil”: The most elusive and quiet of The Halloween Boys. He pops in from time to time. But why? Who knows. 

Devil is an occult reimagining of the devil of lore and draws from old pagan and occult texts, celtic wives tales, and stories. Devil explores the archetype of shadow and hell in a way that expands upon the themes from a place of honor and celebration. 

Blythe Pearl: Stumbles into Ash Grove on the run from her step dad. Why’d the cursed town let her in? She’s a goth girlie who loves her stuffed animals, chips and salsa, makeup, and Fleetwood Mac. 

With the introduction to all sorts of spooky creatures we’ve got lots of new characters to play with. From Phantoms from the Phantom Circus, The Story Keeper Pirates, to familiars, witches, demons and more.

Lady Venom Takes a Mistress is a gothic lesbian romance set in The Halloween Boys universe. Lady Venom is a mystery monster that you’ll recognize if you’ve read Ghost… Her manor is haunted by ghosts and snakes and all sorts of poisonous plants.

Come For a Spell is a novella following a sex witch from Ash Grove and her sexy run in with an Ankole Demon. (Ox skull face forest demon based off the Lechy of Celtic lore) 

Familiar Taste, a Patreon exclusive novella, focuses on a crow shifter familiar and his stalking of an Ash Grove town girl… 

And that’s just the start because there are so many more stories within the Thorneverse to come… Actually, there might be a hint or two in this post… Anyway, in the meantime, have fun exploring this world.

Reading Order:

The Halloween Boys


*Come For a Spell*


*Stay For a Bite (short story available in the free books section of website)

*Lady Venom Takes a Mistress*


*The Devil Waits (short epilogue available in the free books section of website)

*Familiar Taste (Patreon exclusive)*


*NEW SECRET NOVEL Coming in 2024*

So grab your candy corn and dive in little ghosts!