Selah Gothic

Selah Gothic

From bestselling author of occult sensation The Halloween Boys, comes a sinfully fictional religious & dystopian story of naughty exorcism and sinful desires steeped in gothic mystery and lore.

Now I lay me down to sleep.


Impure thoughts sent me spiraling toward my fate. I was the holy daughter of Lady of Sorrows Church. The one meant to bring millions to faith in God.


I pray the lord my soul to keep.


But my own sins had my dad banishing me to a seaside church of terrors and the worst and most terrible horror of them all… the exorcist.


If I should die before I wake.


Father Dante Amorth was meant to exorcise me of my sins and send me back to my father pure and holy once more…


I pray the lord my soul to take.


And I’ll spoil it for you. Demons were found, even inside me, but none of it was what I expected. Thankfully… it was so much worse.

This book is dystopian horror with very dark topics and themes. Please read content information before proceeding.

Lady Venom Takes A Mistress

Lady Venom Takes A Mistress

For everyone who needs a sapphic story where the women are lethal and insatiable

To be bid on was to be bought as a wife. To the winning bidder his prize, a maid, a servant, a child-bearer. That would be Poesy Laroche’s life, she realized, as she walked down the aisle to her future husband. He’d promised to break her into submission, and she knew his words were true.
In an act of desperation, she takes the reins of her fate and dives into the woods rife with terrors. The screams that come at night become only whispers of stories about the mysterious Lady Venom. Her manor is filled with snakes and horrors. And when Poesy gets lost within her maze, Lady Venom claims her as her own mistress, with no hope to escape.

Poesy is locked into a haunted estate where the flowers watch, the ghosts whisper while the snakes slither, and everyone knows the deadliest of them all is their Lady that rules them.

But there are secrets to uncover both within the eerie walls and in the riddles atop Lady’s Venom’s forked tongue as she incites more danger and pleasure than Poesy ever thought possible.

But will it be enough to keep Poesy from her fate? Or will the hidden truths prove more fateful than a serpent’s bite?

Lady Venom is a haunted, spooky, lesbian romance with lethal women and gothic magic. It’s a twist on both Medusa and Beauty and the Beast and features femme dom and captive tropes with off the charts spice. This story is set in The Halloween Boys universe with crossover of lore, but you do not need to read The Halloween Boys before enjoying Lady Venom Takes a Mistress.